Ash Remediation Management

Unit 4c
Beechcroft Farm
Chapel Wood Road
Ash, Sevenoaks
TN15 7HX

Tel: 01474 871744

Contaminated Land Remediation Specialist; Remediation Design; Project Management; Environmental Permit (Mobile Treatment License); Bioremediation using Controlled Biopiles; In-situ & ex-situ Stabilisation / Solidification; Offsite Treatment; Groundwater Treatment; Containment Barriers; Pump & Treat; Marine Sediment Treatment; Well Installation; Delineation; Groundworks; Controlled Excavations & Segregation; Verification Sampling; Product & Tank Removal; Tar Removal.

Unit D5
Chaucer Business Park
TN15 6YU

Tel: +44 (0)1732 762962

Design, Manufacture and Supply of Oil Dispersant Spray Systems; Oil Pollution Control Solutions; Oil Storage Systems; Oil Containment Systems; Oil Dispersant; Oil Recovery Systems; Marine Dispersant Spray Systems; Spill Containment; Spill Management; Oil Recovery Skimmers and Equipment.

Darcy Products Ltd

Invicta Works
Mill Street
East Malling
West Malling
ME19 6BP

Tel: +44 (0)1732 843131

24 Hour Emergency Response - Spill Clean Up; Bund Water Control and Monitoring Unit; Clean-up Remediation and On Site Contracting; Disposal of Used Absorbents; Flexible Tanks; Environmental Audit and Risk Assessment; Laboratory Spill Kits; Site Assessments; Oil Absorbents; Oil Cushions; Oil Water Separators; Pollution Control Equipments and Absorbents; Site Surveys; Spill Kits; Oil Spill Training Courses.

Ecologia Environmental Solutions Ltd

Building 711/712
Kent Science Park

Tel: +44 (0) 1795 471611

Bioremediation; In-situ Remediation; Pump and Treat; Vapour Extraction; Bioslurping; Excavation and Disposal/Landfill; Groundwater; Oil Spill Response; Wastewater Treatment; Site Investigation; Geotechnical Engineering; Geologists; Drilling Rigs; Environmental Risk Assessment; Insurance Services; Consulting; Air Sparging; Dual Phase Extraction.

Edge Enviro Services Ltd

The Cellars
Meeting Street
CT11 9RT

Tel: 01843 852216

Oil and Chemical Spill Response; Site Investigation; Surveying; Auditing; Consulting; Contaminated Land Surveys; Site Remediation; Groundwater Treatment; Tank Cleaning and Decommissioning; Industrial Spill Kits; IMO/OPRC Marine Spill Kits; Containment Solutions; Containment Booms; Oil Mops; River Snares; Training.

Evans and Langford LLP

91 King Street
ME14 1BG

Tel: 01622 690 120

Land and Building Surveyors; Site Investigations; Feasibility Studies; Contamination Appraisal; Geotechnical Reports; Construction Consultants; Planning Applications; Site Supervision; Topographical Surveys; Terrain Models; Geo-Environmental Engineering; Desk-Study and Walkover Surveys; Cable Percussion Boreholes; Trial Pits; Window Sampling; Geotechnical Testing, Analysis and Design; Structural and Civil Engineering; Hydrographic Surveys; Project Management.

KKB Group

Arnolde Close
Medway City Estate

Tel: 01634 717 712

Remediation of contaminated land using the very latest ex-situ and in-situ technologies to decontaminate Brownfield sites and prepare them for the re-development phase. KKB can provide developers with a complete remediation package from consultancy to sampling and testing, excavation, treatment, re-deposit, re-grading and waste disposal.

Lee Group

Norfolk Road
DA12 2RX

Tel: 01474 560788

High Technology In-Situ Remediation Systems; Remediation Consultancy Services; Quantitative Risk Assessment; Groundwater Treatment System Design and Operation; Parallel Remediation and Development Phasing; Bioremediation; Air-Sparge and Vacuum Extraction Systems; Engineering Design and Installation of In-Situ Remediation Zones; Natural Attenuation Schemes; Asbestos Removal; Demolition; Specialist Plant.

Soiltec Laboratories Ltd

Ledian Farm
Leeds Village
ME17 1RZ

Tel: 01622 862 138

Geotechnical Investigations; Window Sampling; Drainage Surveys and Remediation; Shell and Auger Drilling; Rotary Drilling; Trial Pitting; Site Investigations; Subsidence Investigations; Boreholes; Radar Surveying; In-House Soils Testing Laboratory; Water Quality Assessments; Contaminated Land Surveys; Gas Monitoring Installations; Groundwater Monitoring/Sampling Well Installations; On-site California Bearing Ratio (CBR); Landfill Gas Analysis; Contamination Analysis (Soil, Topsoil, Groundwater and Leachate); Validation Testing.

The Erith Group

Erith House
Queen Street

Tel: 0870 950 8800

Land Remediation Services; Thermal Desorption; Soil Flushing; Air Sparge; Stabilisation; Soil Vapour Extraction; Bioventing; Dual Phase Extraction; Phyto-Remediation; Ultrasound/Cavitational Pump; Solidification; In-situ and Ex-situ Treatment; Haulage; Demolition; Dismantling; Asbestos Removal.