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To maintain the effectiveness of the remediation directory we are only able to offer listing opportunities to Companies, Contractors, Organisations and Providers who offer services in the Remediation and Environmental Sector. This includes Soil Surveys and Treatments, Groundwater Remediation, Contaminated Land, Chemical, Radon Gas, Oil Spill Response, Asbestos Surveys and Removal, Phytoremediation, Bioremediation, Site Investigations, Waste Management, Site Clearance, Earthworks, Environmental Engineering, Demolition, Recycling and Reclamation etc.

It also includes supporting services such as Equipment Suppliers and Manufacturers, Research and Development, Testing, Monitoring, Surveying, Hydrogeology and Hydrology Services, Geotechnical and Geo-Environmental Consulting, Desk Studies, Insurance, Laboratory Services, Risk Assessments and Law.

Free Listing

Basic listings are free and subject to meeting our guidelines will be placed in the directory under the corresponding county. Information can include company name, address and telephone number (but not website). Basic listings will also require a short description of main services offered. This can either be in the form of keywords or a more formal company description. It is important, however, that all descriptions are uniquely written and do not appear similar to those submitted to other directory sites. Search engines often ignore duplicate content which can potentially reduce the visibility of your details on this site.

To suggest a listing please email us with details of the county you wish to be found under, your company address and contact number, plus a 40-50 keyword description of the services your organisation specialises in. For example: Land Remediation; Environmental Consultancy; Earthworks; 3D Modelling; Demolition Services; In-situ and Ex-situ Treatments; Geophysical Investigations; Utility Tracing; Flood Risk Assessments; Contaminated Land Assessments; Groundwater Monitoring; Landfill Engineering, Air Sparging; Soil Vapour Extraction; Oil Spill Response etc.

It is worth noting that the site's advanced search allows visitors to find companies by specialist service or keyword, the results of which rely heavily on the content in the company descriptions. So it is worthwhile ensuring that these descriptions are as accurate and concise as possible, and that they reflect the full spectrum of your company's services - but please do remember they must still fall within the theme of the directory as well.

Job Advertising (Free)

To place a free job vacancy or training course in the careers section of the site please fill out the posting form.

Featured Listing

There is the opportunity of having a featured listing in the county pages of the directory. However, to keep the directory as user-friendly as possible these numbers will be strictly limited. To enquire about this opportunity please contact us by email.

Enhanced Listing

To further increase brand awareness and market exposure there is the opportunity to have an enhanced entry with company logo. From the basic free listing visitors are given the chance to click through and learn more about a company, its services, experience and contracts. This page will act as a micro-site with enough information to fully inform potential clients of an organisation's abilities and skills. Although copy and information is written by the advertiser it must still adhere to some basic guidelines in order to build the most useful resource for visitors. We would therefore ask that any advertising copy is uniquely written and between 500 - 800 words. To further enquire about this opportunity please contact us first by email.

Case Studies and Articles

As our goal is to be of maximum use to visitors searching for environmental remediation companies and related information there is the opportunity to submit articles and case studies that will be of interest to visitors. Articles can include a byline citing the authors name, organisation and contact details/website etc. To further enhance the quality of the site we do ask that these articles are unique in that they do not appear elsewhere on the Internet. Although articles can include a byline we do insist that they remain non-commercial in nature and offer genuine information that will be of interest to readers. To enquire further about this opportunity please contact us by email first.

Contact Details

For enquiries on any of the above opportunities please send all emails to: