Project Manager - Remediation Process Plant

Vacancy Closed

Location - Wigan, UK

Job Description

Our client is a specialist remediation contracting firm supplying process plant for the in-situ remediation of contaminated land and groundwater and the treatment of liquids and gases. The company undertakes to design,manufacture, install, and commission the system(s) and to provide operation and maintenance and project management as required. The portfolio of services include: The design, manufacture and hire or sale of integrated, containerised/packaged plant for soil and groundwater remediation. The in-situ Remediation Technologies include: Standard or explosion proof systems for Soil Vapour Extraction (SVE); Bioventing; Air Sparging; Bio-slurping; High Vacuum Extraction (HVE)/Multiphase Extraction (MPE); Groundwater Pump & Treat; Product Skimming and Total Fluids Extraction. Treatment Technologies Include: Catalytic Oxidation; Solvent recovery; Air Stripping (Air Strippers); Activated Carbon (Aqueous & Vapour Phase); Oil/water separation; Sand Filtration (Sand Filters); Ion Exchange (Metals, Cyanide); Flocculation and pH control.

An established UK subsidiary of BAUER Environment, the company offers over 20 years experience in specialist remediation contracting with substantial financial and logistical resources.

The role of Project Manager Remediation has become available due to expansion.

The ideal candidate should have a remediation, contaminated land, civil engineering background; 4-5 years work experience, and ideally have previous experience of project management. The candidate should have good experience in design work and or/interpretative report writing skills, be adaptable and dependable and have the capability of working in a team as well as alone. Further duties will also include preparing construction bids, providing project direction & financial oversight for multiple projects as well as providing direct supervision of remedial construction staff.

The candidate will be required to have financial responsibility to run projects to budget and be capable to liaise with clients directly. This is an exciting opportunity to join a very dynamic company that prides itself on its quality and personal development of its staff and offers significant financial rewards.